Flag Retiring October 3, 2020

There isn’t a more beautiful sight than the American flag flying high. And while you may already know how to display the American flag correctly, it’s important to know how to properly discard of a tattered or soiled American flag.

When a flag is worn out or no longer has a fitting symbol to display, the United States Flag Code said it should be retired in a dignified way, preferably burned and buried, according to Collins Flags.

“While the federal code contains no penalties for misusing the flag, states have their own flag codes and may impose penalties,” says the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) website. “The language of the federal code makes clear that the flag is a living symbol.”

VFW Post 10380 has the areas only permanent Flag Retiring Court located in Veterans Park in Green Township.

The Township was gracious in giving permission and financial backing to designing and building the Flag Retiring Court next to the plaza at Veterans Park.

VFW Post 10380 has Flag Retiring Ceremonies two times a year, once in the fall this year it is on October 5, 2019 at 10:00 am at Veterans Park, 6231 Harrison Avenue, Cinti., OH 45247. The next one is in the Spring March 21, 2020.

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Green Township Veterans Park Flag Retiring Court

Flag Retiring Burn Receptacle

Flag Retiring