Ohio Homstead Act for 100% Service Connected Disabled Veterans

In efforts to give back to Ohio veterans, VFW Post 10380 member State Senator Lou Terhar

(R-Cincinnati) introduced House Bill 85 during the 130th General Assembly in 2013; the bill

was passed by the legislature and signed into law in 2014. This law gives permanently and

totally disabled veterans a $50,000 Homestead Exemption on their property taxes, regardless

of income level. A $50,000 Homestead Exemption allows eligible veterans to pay property

taxes on $50,000 less than the total value of their home and land. This measure has resulted in

a large property tax savings for many deserving veterans. Additionally, the state reimburses

local governments and schools for any taxpayer savings under the Homestead Exemption,

which means that schools will not lose any revenue from this exemption.

To obtain the Homestead Exemption, contact your county auditor’s office to fill out a DTEE

1051 form. To qualify as a veteran, you will need a copy of your DD214 showing your 100%

disability rating from the VA.

Ohio Homestead Act for 100% Service-connected Veterans
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Hamilton County 100% Service Connection Homestead
DownloadHamilton County 100% Homestead Veteran Application