Ouality of Life Plus QL+

The Quality of Life Plus Program (QL+), through unique partnerships with engineering schools at leading universities across the country, sponsors and directs a wide array of technology development projects aimed squarely at improving the quality of life for our nation’s wounded veterans, active duty military, first responders, law enforcement and intelligence officers.

QL+ recruits patriots with life-altering injuries from across the USA. QL+ works one-on-one with these patriots to understand the lifestyle limitations they endure as a result of their injuries. These men and women become “Challengers” in the QL+ Program. Leveraging our expertise in engineering, physical therapy, and program management, QL+ identifies specific obstacles in the Challenger’s Life that can be eased or overcome through the development of a custom assistive device or prosthetic modification. QL+ presents these projects or “Challenges” to our partner universities. Once accepted, QL + connects the Challenger directly with the student team working his or her Challenge. Throughout the academic year, QL+ mentors, monitors, and supports this unique collaboration between the Challenger and the student team. At the conclusion of the academic year, the student team formally presents the completed assistive device or modified hardware to the Challenger for use in their daily life.

QL+ Headquarters is in McLean, Virginia just outside our nation’s capital. Dedicated QL+ Laboratories or “Maker Spaces” are located on-campus at Cal Poly and the Colorado School of Mines. Established QL+ programs also operate at Virginia Tech, the University of Dayton, Xavier University, and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD).